Four years ago I was told I had a brain aneurysm and with surgery I had a 10% chance of living...and even if I made through the surgery, I would most likely have distortion in the right part of my face and neck, blindness in the right eye and most likely lose my hearing. The bottom line is that after 12 hours of surgery I woke up asking for my very best friend/one and only daughter and was amazed at the miracle of God. Now at this point I looked a bit like the bride of Frankenstein as well as my face was distorted, I was blind in my right eye and couldn't hear a thing out of my right ear. I never left my home with the exception of spending 10 months in rehab learning how to get back to real life...during this time I decided I must do something about my face...and that did not include being cut on again...someone suggested permanent makeup...


I laughed but I started my search and then came my next miracle...LASTINGLINES...MORE IMPORTANTLY MY NOW BEST FRIEND AS WELL AS MY ANGEL, RENEE RYAN, owner and teacher at Lastinglines. I spoke with her for months on the phone before I got the nerve to drive to her office. Well...long story short, Renee said we will fix this...not to worry! And by gosh, when she finished with my permanent eye brows you could not tell that my forehead was a bit off...when she finished my eyeliner I no longer noticed the dents and distortion around the right side of my face...well...when she finished my lips I was feeling like the ol' fun loving me. Smiling all the time!!! I did not add a picture of what I looked like before so I wouldn't scare anyone, however if you should want to be totally convinced about Lastinglines, please don't hesitate to contact Renee and I will be glad to e-mail you a picture. decide for yourself about the angel stuff. My thanks, my love and dedication to my angel and best friend ever, Renee Ryan. My loves comes to you through my Lastinglines!


    Renee does MAHHHHHHvelous work!. She is a terrific person and a great booster of self esteem. She is tops! bar none! She fixes other facilities' mistakes and she explains risks and tells you what she is able to do and what she cannot do. Her skills are wonderful. She understands the human need to be accepted and offers suggestions on how to improve a person's look. She treats both men and women with respect and understands and explains side effects completely.

I wish the cosmetic industry could clone Renee!

No one else can even come close to her work ethic and her level of expertise.

Irma V

  Learned a great career; Got a wonderful education;
Adore Renee; Quit corporate America! Enjoy my work
and Love working at home ....
Joan K., Irving, TX
  Renee seemed to have a good background in teaching the permanent make-up and the ability to transfer that knowledge to others.
She covered all methods of application, color theory and blending of colors. She even had hands on workshop for us to practice.
I feel that I can call Renee at any time for advice and support. I feel confident and ready to go to work after taking her classes.
Renee supervised us one on one and she is a real motivator. I would recommend any one to take her classes.

Ruby H
Anderson, IN.
  Just a note to thank you again for the most informative and enjoyable class I've ever taken in some time. With the health problems I'm experiencing, this class could not have been at a better time.

Linda F.
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