Permanent makeup will enhance your looks for a lifetime.
You will always look your best with no time spent applying or reapplying makeup.
If you need a polished look for your professional life, have trouble applying makeup or
just want to wake up looking beautiful, please contact us so we can assist you.
We can also help if you have had breast reconstruction, tattoos or other scarring.

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Permanent Makeup Procedures

    Eyebrows                     $325

This procedure can create a design to shape and compliment your face and features or
fill in eyebrows that are thin, over plucked or missing due to medical conditions.
    Eyeliner      upper    $175     lower   $150   both upper/lower   $250
Small amounts of dye applied to the base of the natural lash line make lashes
appear fuller and emphasize the eyes. A solid line can create a more dramatic appearance.
    Lips    liner    $350    full lips   $400
Lip liner adds definition and fullness to the lips. Lips fade as we age, full lip color
can restore that natural, youthful look. You can also opt for a more dramatic look.
    Beauty Marks   $40
Add an accent to your face just like celebrities do.
    Camouflage and Reconstruction  consult for estimate
Color matched to the skin tone can cover post face lift scars. After
breast reconstruction a new, natural appearing areola can be applied.
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