Unwanted Hair-The Solution
Whether your problem is unwanted hair on your lips, chin and cheeks, unwanted hair on your arms and underarms, unwanted hair on your legs and thighs, unwanted hair on your breast, abdomen and back, ELECTROLYSIS REMAINS THE ONLY SAFE, PERMANENT WAY TO REMOVE THAT UNWANTED HAIR. Electrolysis can give you clear, hair-free skin in all these areas as well as a more attractive hairline and neckline.

Electrolysis is not just for hair. It is very effective on removing small moles, milia (whiteheads), warts, skin tags, surface veins (usually red), keratosis (scaly bumps on face/body), blackheads, hyper pigmentation (freckles, raised dark spots (on darker skinned persons usually) age spots, cherry angioma (red blood spots), enlarged pores & acne.